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Chubby Series | Dining Chair

Sale price$399.00
Light grey: 1 In Stock.
Black: Pre-order Available.
Coffee: Pre-order Available.
Golden yellow: 1 In Stock.
Pink: Pre-order Available.
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Lead time when not in stock is 6-10 weeks.

Color:light grey

The Chubby Dining Chair is a fantastic addition to any modern space. Its bowl-like shape follows your form for a surprisingly comfortable sitting experience.

The PE granular plastic allows for outdoor use, great for entertaining areas and balcony set-ups. Don't stress when there's incoming rainclouds, as the chair is 100% waterproof. Additionally, the chair has been treated with incredible UV protection to increase it's outdoor lifespan.

For a more detailed idea of how your chosen colour might look, we recommend checking out our sister product, The Chubby Armchair:


Roly poly dining chair replica
Chubby Series | Dining Chair Sale price$399.00