Are all of your items pre-order only?

No, we have a select few items we have on hand. You are able to view our in stock items here.

How often do you get stock?

Most of our products are made to order, which means we don’t keep stock of them in our warehouse. We organise a shipment every month, so you shouldn’t be waiting more than 10 weeks for your item to arrive at our warehouse. 

I accidentally pre-ordered something I thought was in stock, what now?

You can either wait for us to receive the item from our manufacturer (6-10 week wait) or shoot us an email to and we can have a chat about your options. 

Am I able to come and take a look at your products?

Absolutely! We have a showroom in Melbourne, please book an appointment on this page

I ordered something two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything. What’s going on?

All of our items on pre-order have a 6-10 week lead time. Once you place your order, we let the manufacturer know to start making your order. Once all items ordered over the month have been made, we get them all sent to the same port and loaded onto a shipping container. Usually this is a 2-4 week process. Once the shipping container has been completely loaded, we get it sent to us! This usually takes 3-4 weeks, and then has to clear customs. As soon as we receive your items, we’ll let you know! If you don’t hear from us, we haven’t forgotten about you :)

Where is all your furniture made?

We outsource to a number of lovely manufacturers in China who are known for their quality craftsmanship. 

Why does shipping cost so much?

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic we have seen an unprecedented spike in worldwide shipping rates. The prices we ask for shipping are simply what it costs to send your items safely. 

Do you ship to Perth?

Yes we ship Australia-wide!

Do you ship to the USA?

Sorry no, just Australia for now. 

Can you send me some fabric samples for this chair I like?

We can certainly try! Fill out this form and we'll do our best to accommodate :)