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Tips and tricks to keep your furniture looking beautiful for longer.

Basic Maintenance

After buying a new piece of furniture from us at The Feelter, the most important thing is to mantain the condition of your new piece. On this page we detail a few suggestions and methods to keep your furniture looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Plump & Rotate Your Cushions

Whether you've purchased one of our Rocking Chairs, a Crosshatch Armchair or a beautiful Heb Sofa, your cushions are prone to deflation and a general "tired" look from sitting in the same position. In order to keep your pieces looking as good as the day you got them, make sure you rotate, and plump your cushions often. Not sure how to "plump" a cushion? Here's a video explaining the process: 

Keep Your Furniture Clutter Free

Furniture with a more textured fabric like the Little Petra Lounge Chair, or even your velvet upholstered items like the Three-Legged Sculptural Armchair can become flawed if items are left sitting on them for long periods of time. This is especially true with items like television remotes with rubber controls, as they can pull the fabric and create blemishes in the texture.

Cleaning Tips

Removing Crumbs and Pet Hair

Velvet, Suede, Linen, Cotton

When dealing with flatter, less textured fabric types it is typical to use a brush to remove debris from your furniture. If this is what works for you, make sure you use a brush with bristles that aren't so sharp and stiff that it could damage your furniture, and move the brush in the same direction of the fabric grain. Be sure not to be too rough with it, as it could weaken the fabric and make it more prone to tearing. 

Alternatively you can vacuum your furniture using a standard vacuum cleaner on a gentle setting, with an upholstery attachment. This can be effective in getting debris in small creases and crevices out of your furniture. 

Boucle, Teddy Cashmere, Wool, Corduroy

When your furniture is more shaggy or textured, a brush is probably not the best idea for cleaning crumbs and debris. We recommend using a gentle vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. 

Liquid Spills 

We all know that spilling liquid on your expensive furniture is a nightmare. In order to prevent a potential headache trying to get a stain out, we recommend working in the defensive and using protective treatments on your furniture.

We recommend using the Care Cover Fabric Upholstery Care Kit to create a protective
barrier on the outside of your furniture and
prevent significant stains or damage. 

Since majority of our furniture is upholstered in polyester or a polyester blend, they are typically pretty sturdy and easy to clean. A typical DIY method is to sprinkle some baking soda over a spill if it's still wet, and then vacuum it up after waiting a few hours. Of course if your furniture is a lighter colour you might want to use a stronger method to draw the liquid out of the surface, in which case it could be worth finding a local professional to help get the tough stains out. 

There's lots of great tips and suggestions available online, we find this one quite useful.