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All our rugs come in a handy compact roll, enabling them to be safely and securely transported. Before using your new rug, we recommend adhering to the following steps to ensure the longterm sustainability of the product.


Flatten and Flip

We encourage all customers to unroll their rug and lay it face down on a clean surface for 72 hours. This will allow any creases to smooth out. Sometimes edges may need to be weighed down during this process, we recommend using some heavy books or a flat piece of furniture. If rugs are not flattened and flipped before use, temporary folds can become permanent creases that are irreversible. 

Minimising That New Rug Smell 

The smell you notice when unwrapping a new rug is caused by the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds, known as (VOCs). While mostly harmless, these smells are caused by the presence of synthetic materials such as polyester fibres and the glue backing found on most rugs. 

While we recognise that this smell can sometimes be unpleasant, most of the VOCs found in your new rug will dissipate within 24-48 hours. We recommend keeping your place well ventilated during this period, by opening as many windows and doors as possible. 

If the smell lingers, try the old baking soda and vinegar trick. Leave a jar of cleaning vinegar open in the corner of the room, and sprinkle baking sod on your rug. Leave this for 24 hours, then vacuum clean. Repeat process until smell is gone. 


We recommend vacuuming regularly. Consistence care will increase the lifespan of your product. For a thorough clean, we recommend steam cleaning your rug once every 12 months. 

A Note On Our Woollen Rugs 

Our wool blend rugs are lovingly hand woven from start to finish. This dedicated craftsmanship is most evident in the aesthetically pleasing rug edges, each one of which is 100% unique. The slight variation in tightness, and pile thickness, results in an undulating edge that adds a sense of character and life to every space. This is an intended effect built into the product during the manufacturing process.  

For more info, please contact our friendly customer care team.