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Natural Timber Products

Many of our products, including our Mid-century style chairs and custom dining tables, are made from beautiful natural timbers. We stock these items because the skilled craftspeople our suppliers choose to engage have an innate ability to elevate and accentuate the natural features of this beautiful organic material. In saying that, there are some features of natural wood we believe it is important our customers are aware of before purchasing, we have outlined these below.  
The features pictures above can be divided into two categories: Anomalies and Figures.
Anomalies - are natural features such as wind, worm, mineral and gum marks. This also includes features like knots, of which there are many varieties of different sizes including solid, pin and open. 
Figures - are the patterns often found in wood panels such as fiddleback, waterfall, cross-bar, flake and birds-eye. 
IMPORTANT: We will not offer refund for change of mind or 'quality' requests that centre around a suggested defect relating timber anomalies or figure. We are more than happy to liaise with clients through-out the production process in order to ensure that you receive an item that is of a high standard. If you have any queries relating to natural finishes, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer care team.