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Sothing Tabletop Home Humidifier


SOTHING Geometric Humidifier Electric Air Humidifier Water Nebulizer 

- Geometric Shape
SOTHING draws inspiration from the geometric symbols and uses the expression of the device art to transform and combine the traditional humidifiers. The collision of geometric elements and color blocks constitutes a balance like a plane.
- Marble Texture Design
Top marble texture design, minimalist, stylish, classic and modern
- Transparent Sink 
The sink is made of a transparent matte PC material, making it easier to monitor the remaining amount of water at any time.
- Modular Atomizing Device 
The easy-to-remove handle-type modular atomizing device can be placed in a pocket and carried around, and can be inserted and used in a cup, a small bowl or the like. A sufficient width is reserved between the handle and the suction pipe to ensure compatibility with containers of different thicknesses, breaking the time and space constraints.
- 260ML Reasonable Water Capacity 
The reasonable capacity of 260ML, long-term use and light weight, also reduces the retention of moisture, ensuring the humidification effect, opening the large-diameter sink, adding water and changing water is very easy

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