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SNOW MOUNTAIN LED LAMP Night Light (Cordless + Rechargeable)


Beautiful modern snowy mountain lamp, winter themed decorative lamp. Add modern simplicity and humour to your house or office with this snowy mountain lamp.

Snow Mountain Lamp is a unique lamp in the shape of a mountain covered with soft snow. The lamp can be turned On/Off by squeezing in the top of the mountain. It has a high and low brightness level, as well as an energy saving mode.

During daytime, the light can be controlled manually by squeezing or simply touching the lamp. During nighttime (when dark) when the lamp is in “Intelligent mode”, the light will switch on automatically for 3 minutes when sound is detected or the lamp is slightly touched. No need to look for switches in the dark!

Take about 4 hours to be fully charged.

Please note that USB Charging Cable included. Pug is NOT INCLUDED.



Patent No.: ZL201630276874X

Material: ABS+Silica Gel

Size: 140mm×140mm×107mm

Weight: 256g    

Input: 5V

Power: 2.5W

color: Pink、Grey

Battery capacity: 900mAh

Executive Standard:  GB7000.204-2008  GB7000.1-2015

Color: Grey

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