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PETKIT FRESH NANO 15 Degree Adjustable Feeding Bowl – DOUBLE


Adjustable Feeding Bowl is a matching revolving fixture that connects the holder and the bowl bottom. Align the notch and spin the bowl to fix it over the holder. The ingenious notch design allows two inclination angles. Pet parents may easily set the bowl at 0 or 15 degrees as required, creating comfortable angles for cats to eat.

Cats are lying down in their bowl to eat, bringing pressure to the cervical spine.

Besides, we conducted a survey on how high on-the-market cat bowls are and observed how cats eat. Finally, we decided to increase the holder height to 7cm so that cats may suffer less pressure.

Such height also helps the secure healthy body and easy eating.

Furthermore, pretty stuff is always pleasing.  Adjustable Feeding Bowl is decorated by tender touch and pure white holder, any food may be mouth-watering. Larger holder increases friction to prevent relocation or overflow.

Thanks to the detachable design, pet parents may wash the bowl and the holder separately. Unlike glass, PC material is durable and shatter-proof. The bowl is smooth and seamless, leaving itself free from residuals and easy for washing.



– Cat bowl made with advanced FDA approved PC material and the stand is made of ABS material
– 0-15 Degrees adjustable cat feeding bowls
– Stable & Leak Proof
– Holds about 9.5 ounces food when tilted 15 degree.

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