The Feelter

Lofree Candly Vintage Retro Night Lights




A vintage ambient lamp that can lighten up any situation whether it’s a lively house party or a relaxing night in.Romantic and soft glow for ambiance or a radiant shine at night, adjust the brightness with the charming knob on the side to your liking. Candly offers dual lighting modes to switch the electric flames from static to candlelight and vice versa. The perfect light for friends and families to gather around.The desk lamp is equipped with 1800k of adjustable LED brightness, so you can set it to whatever suits your mood. Candly can stay on continuously for 20 hours at low light,enough power to say dim the whole day or brightly lite overnight. When it does run out of battery, just charge it via the Micro-USB cable or through the charging base.

Color: white

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