The Feelter

FURRYTAIL Two Way Glass Feeder


The Two-Way Glass Feeder is hand blown with high-quality, non-toxic glass. It is safe for the consumption of both food and water. The glass will prevent the growth of bacteria which cause folliculitis. 

It comes with two separate bowls; the raised top bowl promotes healthier eating position, and the base bowl can serve as a water dish. Every piece is unique as they are individually hand blown.




Top bowl: 15.6 (Length) x 15.6 (Width) x 12 (Height) cm, 5 cm (depth)

Base bowl: 15.6 (Length) x 15.6 (Width) x 3.5 (Height) cm, 2.7 cm (depth)

*The air bubbles in the glass is a natural formation from hand-blown glass

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