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Designer furniture replica Palette JH7 table - black marble coffee table

$1,180 $1,580

Sleek, elegant design is encapsulated in this black marble coffee table. Reminiscent of abstract painting compositions of the past, this piece is a form of art in its own right.

Not only is it of stand out design, the table is very functional with multi-tiered platforms, giving you many options to layout your everyday objects.

Last, but absolutely not least, the luxurious materials are not to be scoffed at. With the steadfast stainless steel base, solid oak tabletop and modular copper and black marble side pieces, the replica JH7 coffee table is one incredibly well-built piece of furniture.

Product: Replica Palette JH7 table - black
Size: 108 x 65 x 48cm


Multilayer board, stainless steel plating (top), marble, stainless steel base


*This item is pre-order available. Pre-ordered items are expected to be delivered 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase. 

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