The Feelter

Capsule Motion Sensor LED Night Light



This amazing magnetic night light is not only super portable and versatile but also has a motion sensor to turn on/off automatically. The perfect brightness and style addition for absolutely any spot in your home. Forget about troublesome fixed light installations or inflexible cord lamps - this cute and tiny portable light will transform the way you see your home with barely any effort.



The light's magnetic mechanism allows it to firmly "stick" to its base (or any metal surface!) - no matter the angle or position. A brilliant tool that will allow you to place the light at virtually any spot and easily move it around as you go.



The light's built-in battery is fully USB rechargeable and is also incredibly long-lasting. Thanks to the high-quality battery and its various low-energy consumption mechanisms, a single charge could last for days!



Enjoy a constant warm light or the intelligent induction mode - a simple mechanism that will automatically turn the light on as anyone walks by the mini lamp (ideal for staircases or nightstands!). With the induction mode, the light will automatically switch on for 20 seconds with any motion detection.


LONG-RANGE MOTION SENSOR: The little lamp's built-in sensor detects any movement within a 5-7 meter (front) and 2-3 meter (side) range, with an overall angle of 120 degrees.


Color: white

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